The story of our dance

Dada Dance Production has come a long way. During this journey we learned that the secret of the success is the collaboration and dedication to the common goal. The goal of the founder called Dada (and later all our members) was to create a community of dancers that would be slightly different from the others. Since the very beginning our aim was to bring dance to every person that appreciated its beauty and to everyone that wanted to express their emotions using this way of art. Our motto was “let the children make their dreams come true and let the adults dream once again”. We certainly believe that we have made our motto be true. In our dance school, which is one of the projects of Dada Dance Production, we give you the option to find your second family. A family that joins something really strong - the passion and the energy of dance. What all of us enjoy the most is that our skills are being improved, the pure love for dance and the possibility to cheer everyone who is around us. We do not need to add a trophy on our shelves - we need to share the happiness among us. This was always our goal and it is even today.

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The story continues in Barcelona

The dance school has been extending during all the years up to time the founder Dada deciding to make a personal and professional experiment. Thanks to that decision you have the option to dance with us even in Barcelona now. In 2015 we opened our school in Spain - this year we are adding courses in Barcelona's neighborhood Poble Nou.

celebrating ten years
celebrating ten years dada dance school
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The future is NOW!

Our goal for the upcoming season is to create a Hip-hop community that passes our message further on. The best dancers from our group will have the option to experience an exchange visit between Spain and Slovakia. We believe that we strengthen the relationships and improve the new generation growing with us even more.

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